How One Small Law Firm Successfully Launched A New Name And Rebranding Campaign

For much of 2017 I was working on a really cool project. I was tasked with planning and executing the name change and rebranding of Ches Crosbie Barristers personal injury law firm. Owner Darlene Russell and long-time associates Pamela Taylor and Jessica Dellow wanted the name and brand to reflect changes to the firm and their unique style.

Changing a business name and brand is a complex project with many moving parts. Our challenge was to launch a new name and image while holding onto the firm’s history and positive brand associations. Briefly, here is how we tackled the project.

We decided that Russell Accident Law was the perfect new name. It is different from everything in Darlene’s marketplace and communicates exactly what the firm does: accident law. Importantly, the domain name was available.

Pamela, Darlene, and Jessica

This is one of Russell Accident Law’s gorgeous new photos. From left to right is Pamela, Darlene, and Jessica.

We also set out to identify Russell Accident Law’s brand advantages. In other words, we wanted to articulate what makes Russell Accident Law most persuasive and compelling. We defined a primary and secondary brand advantage and used these in the development of all new marketing messages. (Read Fascinate by Sally Hogshead for more on brand advantages and the value of focused messaging.)

The most important message we created was the Unique Selling Proposition (USP). This is a statement about what makes a business unique in its marketplace. Most professional practices don’t have a USP, which is a mistake because they are so valuable. After dozens of drafts we got it just right. The Russell Accident Law USP is the foundation of every marketing message we create.

We re-worked all of the firm’s marketing assets and more. We took stunning new photos, redesigned the logo, got a new website underway, and produced all new advertising including radio, television, billboard, print, and online. We wanted to generate as much attention with the launch as possible.

The logo for Ches Crosbie Barristers

The old logo.

My favourite advertising asset in this repertoire is a radio commercial designed to sound like a news interview. A “reporter” interviews Darlene about the name change and rebranding. Not only does the commercial explain the name transition, it scores extra points for newsworthiness.

A printed and mailed newsletter to the people who have a relationship with Russell Accident Law helped launch the new name and rebrand. There was an outpouring of support and best wishes for the transition.

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The name change and rebrand got earned media, too. A press release generated multiple stories from radio and online news sources.

The logo for Russell Accident Law

The new logo is similar in shape to the old one while the tag line makes a clear connection to the old name. The logo is also vibrant, reflecting the law firm’ s personality.

Russell Accident Law made a big splash with the initial announcement. Continued marketing and advertising makes Russell Accident Law a go-to law firm for people injured in car accidents.

All in all, I’m happy to report that the project was a tremendous success. But don’t take my word for it. Here’s what Darlene says:

“We are a small personal injury law firm that recently faced the challenge of a name change and rebranding. Catherine Crosbie is our marketing consultant, and she managed our entire rebranding project. She planned and coordinated every aspect of the marketing assignment, including ensuring that all deadlines were met. She is extremely organized, efficient and detail-oriented. Most importantly, Catherine listened to our ideas, applied her expertise and knowledge in legal marketing, and delivered exactly what we envisioned. She is a true professional. We could not be happier with the result.” –Darlene Russell, QC

Thank you, Darlene! This was an exciting project and I’m thrilled that you, Pam, and Jess are as happy with it as I am. Working with the three of you is an absolute pleasure.

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