Outside-The-Box Marketing To Start Building Your Dream Practice

My last blog post was about my friend Ben Glass and his feeling of moral obligation to help his perfect clients find him. When he started learning about proven marketing strategies and, more importantly, implementing them for Ben Glass Law, the struggle started slipping away. It was replaced by more profit, less stress, and control over his own life.

dream practice

What does your dream practice look like?

Now, in addition to running his law business, he teaches other lawyers about ethical outside-the-box marketing to help them build their dream practices.

I’m extremely fortunate to have been a part of Ben’s organization, Great Legal Marketing. You see, my dad was a mastermind member for years. As his in-house marketing director, I also had access to incredible marketing resources, traveled to annual conferences, and attended exclusive events. I honestly believe that this education was at least 10 times as valuable as a four-year marketing degree.

I took full advantage of our membership in Great Legal Marketing, but it was even more valuable for my dad. After he joined, his intake grew considerably, his firm had the cash flow that enabled him to pursue more complex cases which interested him, and he was able to travel for extended periods of time knowing that the firm would be running just fine when he returned. It was also a great support to be part of a community of like-minded lawyers who “get it”.

Obviously, I’m a big believer in GLM. If you’re open to new ideas and want a business that serves your life, I strongly encourage you to get the initial “Power Tools” program at www.CatherineLovesGLM.com. It’s a small investment with the power to transform your life.

Go to www.CatherineLovesGLM.com to start the journey today.


Catherine has provided excellent advice about yellow page advertising, location and branding. This advice has been a great help in making the transition from a partnership to a solo practice.
Geoff Aylward QC
Owner / AylwardLaw.ca