A Story Of Triumph (And Outside-The-Box Marketing)

Every day last week, I knocked on doors in rain and near-freezing temperatures. Every night, I got too few hours of sleep. But I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

You see, I traveled to St. John’s, Newfoundland (aka the edge of the earth) to help lawyer Ches Crosbie (aka my dad) with his election campaign.

He was elected Leader of the province’s Progressive Conservative Party last spring. This time, he ran in a by-election to get a seat in the House of Assembly.

outside-the-box marketingWe always knew it would be a hard hill to climb. In the last election, the Liberal candidate won two thirds of the vote. In this election, the Liberal Party ran their toughest and most high-profile candidate against us.

We bit our nails as voting stations closed and results trickled in. When my dad was in the lead, it was never by more than a couple percentage points.

In the end, we won by 218 votes. Incredible!

To quote my dad’s speech: “To come close would be a victory. To win would be a triumph. And we won!”

Clearly, I’m excited and happy for my dad, but that’s not why I’m sharing this with you.

I’m sharing this because there’s a marketing lesson here for lawyers and anyone building a professional practice…

We had a lot going for us. Dad was a great candidate. We had an amazing team. We were organized. We worked like Trojans. And there was just enough desire for change to make Dad’s election possible.

But we also did smart, outside-the-box marketing.

We created fun-to-read newsletters to help voters “get to know” my dad. Several people mentioned them on their doorsteps, and one person even requested a second copy of our cod au gratin recipe.

We published a consumer report to educate voters and build authority. This report was about how to choose a great representative and my dad’s vision for the district and province.

We put considerable effort into crafting the right message. This was a persuasive 30-second pitch about why residents should vote for Ches Crosbie. We used it on doorsteps, in emails, in media interviews – you name it.

Fun-to-read newsletters, useful consumer reports, and persuasive messaging are the very same strategies that I use for lawyers. They helped me grow our target intake at Ches Crosbie Barristers by 94%, and hundreds of small firms across North America also use them because they work.

The interesting thing is, lawyers and other professionals can do very well with a narrow segment of the market. Political marketing is harder because you need a big market share.Imagine what this can do for your practice

If my dad can use these outside-the-box marketing strategies to get elected by 43% of voters in a three-way political race, just imagine what they can do for your practice!

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To triumph!