Marketing Lessons From A Broken Engagement Ring

I moved to Halifax for love in the summer of 2017. In April of this 2018, my boyfriend proposed. I have to admit, I knew it was coming.

John and I talked about getting married. We were even referred to a jeweler. The thing is, we had issues with the ring from the very beginning.

I was disappointed with the consultation when I selected a style and size. Engagement rings are a special purchase and I didn’t feel that the sales representative gave me adequate attention or information about my options.

Later, after John paid for the style I liked, the retailer sent us the wrong ring.engagement ring

Finally, we got the right ring, but it was the wrong size.

All of this was disappointing, but in the end, I had a beautiful ring and we were happy.

…Or so it seemed

Thanksgiving was about six months later and naturally I wore my engagement ring to family dinner. When we returned home, I noticed my solitaire diamond was missing. Gasp!

We found the diamond not long after – thank goodness. It was laying on top of the couch where I had been sitting before leaving to walk home.

Of course, we were alarmed. We consulted various goldsmiths and discovered the ring design was flawed. After everything that had happened, we no longer had confidence in our jeweler. Instead of getting the ring fixed, we negotiated a refund.

“But Catherine, how does this relate to me?”

Now, you’re probably wondering why I’m telling you this story.

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article saying that lawyers generally try to sell legal services. What they should be selling is not their legal services – it’s the emotional experience they want people to have as a result of their legal services.

In other words, a personal injury lawyer might sell financial security. A criminal lawyer might sell freedom. A divorce lawyer might sell a fresh start.

It’s the emotional experience that motivates people to “buy” from you and determines whether they’re happy with your services, too.

Unfortunately, the jeweler who sold us my engagement ring thinks he’s selling jewelry. His customers, on the other hand, are buying a symbol of life-long commitment.

That’s why it was so upsetting when my engagement ring broke – our symbol of commitment fell apart.

Keep reading! There’s a happy ending

The good news is, John and I have found a wonderful goldsmith to custom design a new ring. It has been a positive experience so far and we’re excited to be part of the creative process of forging a new symbol.

The reality is, we’re all so involved with our own businesses that it’s hard to know what our words and actions mean to other people. We think we know, but do we really?

A Marketing Assets Assessment will help you understand your business from the consumer’s perspective.

Not only does a Marketing Assets Assessment tell you what your marketing is actually saying about you, it tells you how you can do better. It even comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.

So email to express interest and we’ll schedule a time to chat.

To positive experiences,

Catherine Crosbie