A Worthy New Year Resolution

New Year Resolutions are a funny thing.

Often, we think of them as goals – something to achieve for a moment in time. fireworks

Eat clean. Run a marathon. Visit Tuscany…

Then what?

It’s great to achieve goals, but unless they’re designed as building blocks for a sustainable big picture, they’re just things you did for personal satisfaction.

And that’s fine.

But if you’re a success-focused professional (someone who wants to build a thriving practice that enables you to live your best life for the rest of your life) a goal-based “one and done” New Year Resolution ain’t gonna get you far.

Resolutions that ignite lasting success are about establishing new habits.

In other words, you have to dispose of the “one and done” mentality, start doing things differently, and do them consistently.

If you really want to start 2019 off right, consider making my Easy Newsletter Program your New Year Resolution.

Unlike what you’ll get elsewhere, I create consistent FUN-to-read PRINTED and MAILED newsletters and send them to people who already know, like, and trust you.

People look forward to opening and reading these newsletters. They make you memorable and keep you top of mind. Over time, they generate more referrals and increase client loyalty.

Plus, unlike social media, consistent printed and mailed newsletters don’t require people to “log on” and “follow” you. Conveniently, it’s the newsletters that follow people with whom you already have relationships.

It’s just one habit proven to produce results and help build a thriving professional practice.

For more information, click this link.

May 2019 be your best year yet.

Catherine CrosbieCatherine Crosbie

Founder & CEO

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