Amplify A Memorable Message

I don’t have to tell you that there’s a lot of advertising on the go.

Someone who wants to ramp up their presence might ask themselves, “How am I supposed to get noticed amongst all of this chatter?”

Great question!

It’s hard to stand out, and there are a whole bunch of things you should consider before you advertise.

unique selling proposition

Show your prospects how you’re unique!

It starts with having a Unique Selling Proposition.

Your Unique Selling Proposition, or USP, is a statement about how you’re different from every other option in your marketplace, including the option to do nothing. If a competitor can say the same thing, it’s not a USP.

The truth is, many practices aren’t unique – they have the same services and do the same stuff as everyone else.

If that’s true of your practice, I strongly recommend you create a differentiator. Business doesn’t gravitate towards the guy or gal who offers nothing interesting, special, or different!

Once you know how your practice is unique and can summarize it in a compelling statement, any advertising you create with it is sure to stand out.

A lot of professional practices that ramp up advertising don’t use unique selling propositions or any strategic messaging – they just buy more advertising. This is the equivalent of shouting something unremarkable, instead of amplifying something memorable.

Don’t be like those people! Most of them are spending a lot of money and not getting much back. You should create a great message first.

Creating a unique selling proposition isn’t usually an easy process. It often takes time and quite a bit of wordsmithing — but I promise it’s worth your attention.

If a USP is something you need help with, email to schedule a Prospective Client Interview.

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