Writing A Book To Help Build Your Dream Practice

I’d like to tell you a bit about a Prospective Client Interview I had recently…

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of a Prospective Client Interview, it’s an opportunity for me to ask questions to get to know the prospective client and their practice better. By the end of our questions and answers, I’m typically able to present one or more solutions. I aim to impart value during this meeting even if my solutions aren’t the right fit.

As the prospective client and I got talking during this recent meeting, she told me in her own words about how she’s interested in alternative business models, innovation in professional practice, unconventional yet smart marketing, and educating prospects with useful information.

In other words, she understands that the world of professional services is changing and consumers aren’t interested in the old way of doing things. She’s not interested in the old way of doing things, either. She understands that to be successful in the long-term, you have to be different.

Music to my ears!

Like Winston Churchill, Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, and other great thinkers… I subscribe to the philosophy that doing the same stuff that everyone else does leads to mediocrity. That’s why I offer marketing options to make clients stand out. So I think this person and I are on the same page.

Anyway, she talked about how she has wanted to write a book for quite a while, but doesn’t have the time to get it done.

Her motivation is sincere: she sees a need and wants to help people.

Writing a book and other information products is a great idea for several reasons, beyond the fact that it’s helpful to others…

People appreciate helpful information, especially when it’s not easily available. Being the source builds your brand and a positive reputation.

Plus, have you ever noticed that the word “authority” stems from “author”?

Authoring a book is a sure-fire way to build authority in an area because you literally “wrote the book on it”. As the source of quality information, you become a go-to leader in your field. Think: consistent leads, a growing referral network, and greater ease in converting prospects.

There are many benefits to having a book and various ways to do it. If you sell your book, you even set yourself up with a passive revenue stream.

However you do it, authoring a book is a great way to help build your dream practice.

Wanting to do something, but not having the time to do it is a common theme among my prospective clients. Delivering their professional services is the best use and highest value of their time, so I understand why they don’t seem to get around to these important projects.

That’s why they’re thrilled to learn I can do these projects on their behalf. It just so happens that I offer an Authority Marketing program, which is an easy way to get books and other information products done.

Speaking of getting things done, I’d like to introduce my newest book, The Big Picture Guide To Building Your Dream Practice. It’s now available for purchase on Amazon and Kindle.Big Picutre Guide To Building Your Dream Practice

This is a substantial resource to help professionals in law, finance, health, and more get to where they want to go. It focuses on mindset and gives practical tips to get started.

The Big Picture Guide To Building Your Dream Practice is the product of a lot of effort, and a lot of people both knowingly and unknowingly helped me publish it. If you purchase a copy, not only will it be a worthwhile read, but you may even see your name in print.

Hop over to Amazon or Kindle to get a copy. I think you’ll find it a good use of your time.


Catherine CrosbieCatherine Crosbie

Founder & CEO

Proven Marketing for Professionals Inc.