The Truth About Social Media

I’m just going to say it: most people don’t understand social media!

Most people don’t understand that social media are just media. They are online channels of communication that facilitate immediate engagement.

They are channels of communication just like radio, television, phone, email, and direct-mail (for example).

And by the way, all of these other channels can be “social”, too.

When you start looking at social media for what they are, two big things stand out:

  1. Social media platforms and trends are always changing. You have to continuously reinvest time and money to use them effectively in the long-term.
  2. Users of social media are intended to “scroll” through activity. Even after you’ve grabbed a prospect’s attention, it’s very difficult to keep it! Distraction is constant and abundant.

You may now see why social media platforms are not always a great option for professionals looking to grow their practices. Often, there’s a better option.

Social MediaI’m NOT suggesting that professionals should never invest in social media. Au contraire…

Social media platforms offer a great deal of potential to certain people.

They offer a great deal of potential to people who have already mastered other more reliable marketing systems.

To build a practice on social media – without having more reliable marketing systems already in place – is risky business. It’s like building a house on sand.

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Catherine Crosbie
Proven Marketing for Professionals Inc.

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