Listening, Thinking, And Planning Are NOT Enough

listeningFor those who don’t know, my father is a lawyer turned politician. I used to be his in-house law firm marketing director.

After we increased our target intake by 94%, he sold the practice and I started helping other professionals build their practices — without the risk, hassle, and expense of hiring someone in-house.

As Leader of the PC Party of Newfoundland and Labrador, he now has the opportunity to form a government. The general election has been called, and the pressure is on.

Election Day is May 16th, 2019.

I want to share with you a few words from one of his speeches.

He makes a powerful statement that’s also relevant to the world of professional practices:

We are a people whose regiment proudly bears the motto “Better than the best”.

I entered politics because I didn’t see leadership calling us to be our best, or even to be better. I saw fake leadership, dishonest leadership, calling us to be our worst.

I saw the Ball Liberal Way Forward leading us to a cliff edge of poverty, dependency, and insolvency. And as a proud Newfoundlander and Labradorian, I could not sit in the comfort of my home and watch folly unfold.

I believe many of you feel the same way. And you need a voice.

Leadership requires courage. The courage to know when to sit down and listen, and the courage to know when to stand up and speak.

I have toured every electoral district of this province to meet and listen to everyday people. I’ve listened to voters in every electoral district since I began this political quest.

And now it’s time to stand up and speak, and to ask you to say:

Yes for jobs and hope

Yes for an affordable future

Yes for honest leadership, and


So here’s the thing…

When it comes to practice-building, the listening part is essential.

Talk to other professionals and business owners about what they’re doing and whether it’s working.

Brainstorm ideas. Consider your options. Make a plan.

But if you do all that, you have to do one more thing before any of your listening, thinking, and planning makes a difference…

You have to TAKE ACTION.

It’s the part that so many professionals and business owners never do.

It takes courage to figure out what you should do, and it takes more courage to actually do it.

And in all likelihood, the doing won’t stop there.

You’ll have to keep trying, adjusting, and adapting because “one and done” is never the answer.

If you’re finally ready to DO SOMETHING to build your practice, email to schedule a complimentary interview.

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Catherine Crosbie

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