Robert Ringer’s Winning Through Intimidation — NOT What You Think

Robert Ringer's Winning Through IntimidationOn the recommendation of my soon-to-be father in law, I recently read Robert Ringer’s book, Winning through Intimidation: How to Be the Victor, Not the Victim, in Business and Life.

This classic New York Times #1 Bestseller has captivated millions of readers worldwide. I can see why. What a great book.

As my soon-to-be father in law pointed out, the book’s title does not do it justice. It almost suggests that business and life are zero-sum games. They’re not.

Further, you might expect to learn about how to intimidate people so you can take what you want. That’s not what it’s about.

The big lesson that Ringer teaches is…

It’s not what you say or do that counts, but what your posture is when you say or do it.

In other words, you can be a great person who delivers value ethically, but that doesn’t matter if you haven’t positioned yourself properly. If you haven’t positioned yourself properly, the prospect, client, or patient won’t attribute value.

Marketing has a lot to do with positioning. For example…

People tend to trust referrals more than advertising. It takes smart marketing to build a community of followers and raving fans who refer you to people in need.

When a prospect initially contacts you about your services, that prospect is most likely considering several options. It takes smart marketing to position yourself as the must-hire authority in your field.

After you’ve signed up new clients and patients, it’s not always easy to meet their expectations and keep them happy. It takes smart marketing to exceed expectations and generate appreciation and loyalty.

Ringer doesn’t talk about “marketing”, but he’s a marketer through and through. If you’re interested in positioning yourself for better business, I recommend you pick up a copy of his book.

I also recommend you email to schedule a Prospective Client Interview. If we determine there’s a fit, I can help you set up marketing systems to generate referrals, establish authority, and keep clients and patients happy and loyal.


Catherine “The Intimidating” Crosbie