When You DON’T Tell Your Story

The idea of sharing your story – the narrative around why and how you came to do what you do – can make some people uncomfortable.

You might think that your story is cliché; that it’s not very interesting; that it’s too personal to share in your marketing. Whatever it is, it’s a reason not to share.

The truth is, the risk of not sharing is bigger.

your storyRecently, I met someone new. On the face of things, it appeared as though we might be able to help each other in some way.

There were plenty of ideas flowing and lots of enthusiasm during our first serious conversation. It seemed almost too good to be true. We talked about taking action and making concrete commitments.

We parted ways with a plan. Only hours later, I started questioning the whole situation.

Wait – what’s this person’s background? Where did he come from? What’s his experience? What does he stand for?

I knew his name and what he did in a basic way, but so much more goes into knowing a person.

Naturally, I re-thought our whole conversation and our plans went right out the window!

The fact that I don’t know this person’s story seems suspicious. I’m not saying that he’s untrustworthy because he doesn’t have a story…

I’m just not ready to trust him because I don’t know his story.

In other words, I’m not programmed to trust someone who I know so little about. And neither are most of your prospective clients or patients.

Sharing your story helps to build credibility. Even if your story sounds similar to other stories, it still gives prospects a sense of your history and values.

Even if you think your story isn’t very interesting, I assure you, there’s a way to preserve its authenticity and make it interesting.

Even if you feel it’s too personal, it may resonate with your prospects and make you memorable.

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Catherine Crosbie
Founder & CEO
Proven Marketing for Professionals Inc.

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