My Complete, No-Holds-Barred Story

I have several new readers here, so I thought it would be a good idea to properly introduce myself. And when I say properly introduce myself, I’m going to give you my complete, no-holds-barred story.

It’s a bit scary to put it all out there, but hey, we all have ups and downs. If only one person reads this and feels better about their unique journey, that’s a good thing.

So here it goes…

I always thought I would be a lawyer.

It feels like everyone in my family has gone to law school — my mom, dad, older sister, grandfather, uncle, and numerous cousins. I thought that was my path, too.

But one day during my last year of university, a professor who I really liked sensed some internal conflict. She suggested that I follow my interests first, and I could always go to law school later.

I decided to take my professor’s advice and after some professional work experience, I wound up doing a Masters in Politics and Communication at the London School of Economics.

After that, I moved back home to start working in a marketing and communications agency.

It turns out that where I was working wasn’t the right fit for me. Furthermore, my father was the sole owner of a small personal injury law firm and he needed help. Under the pressure of trying to “do it all”, my father was looking to hire a marketing director he could trust.

When he suggested that I come work for him, I was hesitant.

I knew that some people wouldn’t recognize my abilities because I was “working for daddy” and didn’t “earn my job”. Plus, I wanted to make my own name.

I also knew this was a great opportunity and really wanted to do it. I took the job and because of that, I had a lot to prove.

Not only did I prove it, I knocked it out of the park. ninja story

In the three years that I was marketing director, we increased our target intake by 94%.

My father never had to worry about business development because there was always an ever-increasing number of cash flow cases. With a great team, he was able to take more time away from the office to enjoy the fruits of our labour. He pursued other interests, spent more time with family, and travelled the world.

That’s not all. In 2016, he achieved his goal of selling his practice and now enjoys a second career in politics.

When my father sold his practice, I decided to start my business to help lawyers and other professionals in law, finance, and health build their dream practices— without the risk, hassle, and expense of hiring an in-house marketing director.

Through Proven Marketing for Professionals Inc., I offer practice-building training, consulting, and implementation. I’m Canada’s only education-based marketing consultant exclusively for professionals.

I believe that owning a professional practice, or any small business for that matter, offers incredible opportunity. With the right mindset and systems, it enables owners to control their own lives and create a business that serves their lifestyle, not the other way around. It gives professionals a means to truly “have it all” — prosperity, autonomy, gratification, and time.

The purpose of Proven Marketing for Professionals Inc. is to help professionals build their dream practices so they can create their own versions of success and design their lives their way.

So that’s my story. Well, it’s the start of my story. I’m still writing it. There will be lots more to tell as I continue my journey as a business owner.

Everyone has a story. What’s yours? Email to share. I’d love to hear it.

And if you’re not sure how to share your story, I may be able to help. Email to schedule a complimentary initial meeting.

Catherine CrosbieWarm regards,

Catherine Crosbie

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