What Billionaires And Private Practice Have In Common

I recently read a great article in an investing newsletter that I subscribe to. The article talked about how building wealth often takes time and patience.

it takes patience to build a private practiceConsider the world’s top billionaires. For many, the journey to billionairedom was rarely an overnight success.

In order for the top self-made billionaires to amass their first million dollars (less than 0.1 percent of their wealth), it took on average more than 8 years.

To reach their first billion dollars of wealth then took an additional 14 years, on average, for 22 years in total.

Even many of the world’s most wealthy had to crawl before they could walk!

The same applies to building a successful private practice.

The first several years can be tough. From learning how to run a business to getting enough clients through the doors, some days can feel like you’re treading water.

And even when you’re past those “initial years” of establishing your own private practice, new marketplace conditions may have you scrambling to update the way you work.

When it comes to marketing, I want to make sure you’re laying the right groundwork – groundwork that will deliver the breakthrough you deserve.

That’s why I’m offering a free live webcast called “Your Essential Guide To Better Intake”. It’s all about how to increase the reliability, quantity, and quality of your intake.

During this webcast, I’ll cover:

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Catherine Crosbie

Proven Marketing for Professionals Inc.