Can You Find The Opportunities?

opportunitiesThese are unusual times. COVID-19 has brought the global economy to its knees, and small businesses like yours and mine are already feeling the consequences.

Naturally, people are concerned.

All the same, panic-induced paralysis won’t help and adopting a negative outlook is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

We need to stay calm, reasonable, and optimistic now more than ever. Furthermore, we need to find the opportunities.

The truth is, there are opportunities in every situation, even this one. Here are a few opportunities that I see right now:

  • Show leadership to your team, clients, and community. Be a positive example, do the right thing, and show support for others.
  • Find ways to add value to your services and people. What do prospects, clients, and staff need right now? How can you provide it? What will people need when this is over and how can you do it better than others?
  • Implement systems to make your business virtual. Can you offer phone or virtual consultations instead of in-person consultations? Can you sell online? Do people know that? Is it time to set up cloud-based filing?
  • Maybe now is a good time to finally start writing a report, book, or other information product that you can offer for download on your website. Even if people aren’t buying right now, they’re doing research and making decisions for when they are ready to buy. It will always be helpful to have this kind of asset.
  • Tackle that list of marketing projects that you put on the back-burner a while ago. You can be more ready than your competitors to gear up when the time is right.

I hope this helps you see opportunities for your practice and inspires you to act on them.

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Hang in there,

Catherine Crosbie