Personal Branding Versus Personality-Based Branding

I’ve written about personality-based branding before. Recently, I introduced the idea of personal branding. It can be easy to confuse the two, so what’s the difference?

Personality-Based Branding

Personality-based branding is a strategy that businesses use to differentiate themselves in the marketplace. It’s about sharing the owner’s ideas, values, and experiences to give the business a personality. Since no one has the same exact same ideas, values, and experiences, it’s a great way to make a business stand out from competitors. And since we resonate with and remember people better than faceless organizations, personality-based brands tend to attract more prospects and referrals than businesses that use conventional branding strategy.

Personal Branding

There are similarities between personality-based branding and personal branding. The key difference is that personal branding is a strategy that anyone can use to differentiate themselves in the marketplace. In other words, you don’t have to own a business to have a personal brand. Lawyers, accountants, health professionals, and others can create their own personal brands to help them achieve any milestone, like make a career change, get a promotion, or start a business.

I’ve helped a lot of business owners establish and grow personality-based brands. If you want to learn more about personal branding, Andrea Laurie offers a free training called “How to build and scale your personal brand”. In it, she reveals how participants can make a bigger impact and create financial freedom on their terms.

Personal brand training with Andrea

About Andrea Laurie

I’m lucky enough to call Andrea a friend. With a master’s degree in psychology, she’s a counsellor and Certified High Performance Coach. I’ve seen her in action and can say with confidence that she offers a lot of value. Here are just a few things that other people say about her:

“Andrea is exactly the coach I needed to help define my business direction. She is fun to work with and not long after creating my growth strategy, my business had a 43% increase in sales revenue. She provides more than just brand strategy. I transformed my thinking… she will bring you to greater heights.” — Bernard A.

“This was the kick start I needed! I was able to hone in on the value of my expertise, leverage my personal brand, and now I’m starting my own business. I can’t recommend Andrea highly enough!” — Melanie M.

“Andrea is one of the most dynamic coaches. Her enthusiasm and dedication to coaching is evident in her delivery and presentation.” — Mark Hobbs

Andrea believes that taking control of your career, purpose, personal brand, and how you impact others is foundational to both happiness and success. Most importantly, she believes that too many people are simply going through the motions when they have reservoirs of untapped potential inside of them. No matter how big your dreams or obstacles, you have the power to write your own story and make a positive impact in the world.

Create A Personal Brand With Andrea

So, back to her free training, “How to build and scale your personal brand”. When you participate, you’ll discover:

  • Andrea’s definition of a personal brand and why it’s important to have one
  • Case studies and examples of personal brands that are excelling in the marketplace
  • Some of her clients’ transformational stories
  • How to position your uniqueness and expertise to craft your personal brand strategy
  • How to monetize your personal brand and create growth opportunities like speaking, consulting, media and PR features, and writing books
  • Andrea’s personal brand story which has enabled her to sign $25k + clients, travel to some of the most beautiful places in North America to speak, be featured on a regular basis on a television morning show, and more
  • The live training takes place on January 6th at 12 pm AST. If you can’t attend, sign up anyway because Andrea will make the replay available for a limited time.

If you’re ready to take your life, career, and financial future into your own hands, sign up for her next free training:


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