Key Marketing Lessons From 2020

No one can deny that professional practices faced significant challenges in 2020. The circumstances were hard on many.

Like all difficult situations, there’s a lot we can learn from last year. Here are three key marketing lessons from 2020…

Three Key Marketing Lessons From 2020

#1: In general, and especially during times of uncertainty, prospects are looking for leadership. They’re attracted to those who stand for something, calm fears, and present solutions.

#2: Your brand messages are among your most valuable assets. Rooted in your experiences, values, and strategic position, your brand messages attract prospects and help them understand your practice even before you engage with them.

#3: Those with the greatest number of engaged followers will achieve faster recoveries. When I say engaged followers, I’m talking about collections of people who are interested in you, such as email and mailing lists. Unlike advertising to “cold” audiences, communicating with these people who already know, like, and trust you results in quality clients hiring you faster.

How To Act On Lessons From 2020

key marketing lessons2021 is not the time to simply ramp up your advertising to “make up for last year”. It’s the time to cultivate your assets, including your lists of followers, a multi-media platform from which you consistently communicate, and the brand messages that form the foundation of your communications.

Here’s how I can help you do this:

Whatever your hesitation, the reality is that these initiatives, more than any other marketing initiatives, will position you for success this year and beyond.

It’s not about becoming an overnight success. I’d be weary of anyone who presents you with that kind of “solution” because the truth is, they don’t really exist and they certainly don’t last.

This is about creating assets and systems that you own, will always work for you, will deliver ever-increasing results, and will make your practice resilient in the long-term.

You’ll probably even discover that these initiatives are easier than you think.

To learn more or get started on any or all of the above, reply to this email. I’ll even give you a special rate if you commit before the end of January 2021.

Wishing you health, happiness, and prosperity.


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