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Proven Marketing for Professionals Inc. turned 5 years old in February of 2021.

Reflecting on the last 5 years makes me very grateful. I’m grateful for the thought leadership that has helped me build this business. I’m grateful for clients who, especially early on, placed their trust in me. And I’m grateful for my own attributes that enable me to meet the evolving needs of my market. A lot of marketing consultancies and businesses in general don’t have the kind of staying power that takes them to a 5-year anniversary.

Speaking of evolving needs, an increasing number of professionals in private practice are recognizing the need to stand out in the marketplace. For some time, just about every profession has been getting more competitive. As well, professionals must learn to cope with the challenges of the pandemic economy. Standing out in the marketplace is more important than ever, and there’s a much better way of doing it than by just advertising more.

A Better Way To Stand Out

Key messages are key to standing outLet’s consider the three components of marketing: market, message, and media. Market is who you’re targeting. Message is what you’re saying to your market, and media is the channel you use to communicate your message to your market.

Most people have a general sense of their market, although it can often be tightened up. Usually, they understand some of the media options available to them, even if they don’t understand the best medium to use in a particular situation. When it comes to message, there remains much for people to learn. Many fall back on boring messages that are roughly the same for everyone in their profession. Without strong messaging, professional practices do not stand out. In fact, they get lost in the crowd.

Examples Of Key Messages

When I say strong messaging, I’m talking about messaging that communicates why someone should hire you as opposed to a competitor or no one at all. This is called a Unique Selling Proposition. There’s also messaging that makes your ideal clients realize that you are the perfect service provider for them. This is called an Ideal Client Statement. There’s messaging that communicates your authentic approach, aspirations, and values, which can be represented in a mission statement. And there’s messaging that minimizes the client’s perception of risk associated with hiring you, also known as a promise or guarantee – and yes, it is possible for professionals to offer guarantees that pass muster with regulatory bodies (if you’re curious, email and I’ll provide examples). There’s also messaging that compels your ideal client to contact and hire you. This involves an offer and call-to-action.

All the examples I give above are called Key Messages. Lately, I’ve been working with clients on a project basis to write their Key Messages. I’ve always created Key Messages for clients, but not always as a contained project.

You have to be willing to do some deep thinking about your brand. I guide you through this, consult with you to write your Key Messages, and provide a formal reference document that explains how to use your messages moving forward. It’s a valuable process and asset. I have done this project with law firms, chartered professional accounting firms, mediation firms, and others.

For more information about this project, email We may want to schedule a free consultation to determine if this is a fit.

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