Catherine’s Story

About Catherine Crosbie

Catherine Crosbie used to be the in-house marketing director for a small personal injury law firm. In the three years that she was marketing director, she increased target intake by 94%. During that process, her employer never had to worry about business development because there was always an ever-increasing number of cash flow cases. With a great team, he was able to take more time away from the office. He pursued other interests, spent more time with family, and traveled the world. In 2016, he achieved his goal of selling his practice. That’s when Catherine decided to start her company Proven Marketing for Professionals Inc. to help lawyers and other professionals in law, finance, and health build their dream practices— without the risk, hassle, and expense of hiring an in-house marketing director. Proven Marketing for Professionals Inc. offers practice-building training, consulting, and operations. It is Canada’s only education-based marketing consultancy exclusively for professionals.

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Our Purpose

At Proven Marketing for Professionals Inc., we believe that small business ownership offers incredible opportunity. With the right mindset and systems, it enables owners to control their own lives and create a business that serves their lifestyle, not the other way around. It gives professionals the chance to create their “perfect practice” and a means to truly “have it all” – prosperity, autonomy, gratification, and time. This is attainable for almost anyone regardless of gender, background, age, or orientation. The purpose of Proven Marketing for Professionals Inc. is to help professionals build their dream practices so that they can live their own versions of success and design their lives their way.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide marketing support to professionals through consulting, operations, and training so they may build their dream practices. Our “magnificent mission” is to be the best marketing resource for owners of small professional practices in Canada.

Our Core Values

  • We treat everyone with respect
  • We show up prepared
  • We are always learning
  • We do the right thing
  • We do what we say we’ll do
  • We find opportunity in challenge
  • We educate as we advise
  • We are result-driven

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Catherine is masterful at legal marketing. Don’t let her demure demeanor fool you! She is doing what great marketers do to stand out from the crowd – she is listening. She asks thoughtful questions and listens. Then she probes deeper to unveil true client needs and opportunities for differentiation. Next, she executes. She is a tactician and is keen to measure and report on results. Results are what matters, and Catherine delivers.
Eric Strautman
Marketing Director / Kanasas City Accident Injury Attorneys