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Identify Your Avatar Client

Most people have heard the term “avatar clavatar client worksheetient” before. The problem is, few people know what it really means and exactly how to identify their own.

If you don't know your avatar client, you'll be wasting valuable resources on aimless marketing. Attracting your ideal clients will happen occasionally and by chance, if at all. It will not happen consistently or systematically.

I've created a simple two-page worksheet to help lawyers define their avatar clients, and I'm giving it away for free. The information which emerges from completing this worksheet will be integral to your future marketing and success.

Complete the web form below to instantly download a copy of my avatar client worksheet free of charge!

By the way, Proven Marketing for Professionals Inc. values privacy and promises to keep your information safe.


Catherine is extremely talented in the design and development of an effective marketing strategy for your practice. Perhaps most importantly with Catherine on board you will have someone that knows how to execute on your plan. Any lawyer or for that matter any professional practice will see success with Catherine in charge of their marketing.
Vaughan De Kirby
Owner / Law Offices of Vaughan De Kirby