“What’s education-based marketing?”

Education-based marketing is another term for information marketing. It means we use education and information products like newsletters, reports, and books, to attract the perfect clients or patients for your practice.

“I need marketing help, but I don’t  know where to start…”

When professionals contact us for the first time, we schedule a complimentary Prospective Client Interview to determine how we can help. This is a complimentary initial meeting to explore whether we’re a fit. The goal is for you to feel that this meeting was a good use of your time, whether we’re a fit or not. Call 902-453-1903 or email Hello@CatherineCrosbie.com to schedule your Prospective Client Interview today.

“How do most of your clients start working with you?”

The most common first step is a Marketing Assets Assessment. This provides a marketing plan and support options moving forward. This isn’t the only way to get started, however. Call 902-453-1903 or email Hello@CatherineCrosbie.com to discover the best starting point for you.

“What if one of my competitors starts working with you, too?”

Our defined services are based on proven marketing strategies and tactics. They can be successfully applied to any professional practice, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be different from competitors who do the same stuff. What makes you stand out is your personality, perspective, and values. You have the power to combine these factors into a message that is uniquely you. Our job is to help you uncover your inherent advantages, formulate your message, and bring it to your market. That being said, select marketing packages come with geographic and practice exclusivity. Email Hello@CatherineCrosbie.com to learn more.

“Why do you call your newsletter program a system?”

It’s a system because it runs smoothly and consistently without hands on involvement from you!

“A newsletter is like the oldest trick in the book. Aren’t there better ways to invest my money?”

Would you rather invest in a system that’s proven to generate results, or the next flashy unproven campaign that people are talking about? A consistent, fun-to-read newsletter has outlived the trends for a reason, and it should be any business’ fundamental marketing system.

“Can’t I save on all that printing and postage by doing an e-newsletter?”

Sure you can. For some people, e-newsletters are an appropriate segue into newsletter marketing. While printed and mailed newsletters come with printing and mailing costs, they typically generate a higher return on investment. The best approach to newsletter marketing is to use both. Call 902-453-1903 or email Hello@CatherineCrosbie.com to schedule a Prospective Client Interview and discover what’s right for you.

“Do I have to do a newsletter every month?”

Frequency is an important factor in doing a newsletter. Monthly is the gold standard, but you can try bi-monthly or even quarterly if you like.

“I’ve seen some really attractive, expensive newsletters…”

Agencies and high-end newsletter businesses make really flashy newsletters, and yes, they’re expensive. This type of newsletter may look impressive, but a newsletter doesn’t have to be high-end and flashy for it to work. The most important elements of a result-generating newsletter are consistency and quality content.

“What’s with Ben Glass and Great Legal Marketing?”

Ben Glass is a lawyer and the owner of Ben Glass Law. After discovering what kind of marketing strategies and tactics really work for law practices, he decided to teach other lawyers how to market their firms. He founded Great Legal Marketing in 2005 and Catherine participated in this organization at the mastermind level for about 7 years. It’s a meeting of success-minded lawyers from all different practice areas across North America. If you’re a success-focused lawyer, visit CatherineLovesGLM.com for more information.

“I’m hesitant. I’ve had bad experiences with marketing people before…”

There are a lot of marketing vultures out there whose answer to every marketing problem is “spend more money”. We know them too, and they frustrate us just as much as they frustrate you. Our services come with a value guarantee plus our reviews and testimonials speak for themselves. Email Hello@CatherineCrosbie.com to schedule a time for us to discuss your concerns.


I have been in a legal marketing group with Catherine now for more than 5 years. My experience with her is that she is smart, dedicated and very knowledgeable about legal marketing. She is always learning about the latest and best ways to market a law firm. If you are considering hiring someone to assist with your marketing, then I highly recommend Catherine.
Corey Walker
Partner / Walker, Billingsley & Bair