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Catherine Crosbie

Thanks for checking out my website. Once you poke around, I think you’ll find that it has lots of interesting and helpful information about marketing for professional practices (with more to come).

My blog contains articles about what successful professionals are doing to market their practices, how to build effective marketing systems, important developments in marketing, and more. Sometimes you can find marketing inspiration in the most unusual places, and I’ll be sure to tell you about it.

My FAQs page contains frequent questions and their answers. Some of these are questions that I know people want to ask me, but don’t. I went ahead and published the answers for you shy folks. If you have a question not posted on the page, get in touch and I’ll answer you at my earliest convenience.

My free offers page contains valuable information products designed to help professionals market their practices. You can download these products right away and at no cost to you. Check them out – I think you’ll find them constructive and even fun.

Catherine Crosbie is a marketing professional of amazing character and resource. She is creative, thoughtful, and well organized in approaching any marketing situation. Her skills are evident in the follow through she provides to clients and customers containing that personal touch that keeps people feeling like they are valued in their relationship with the lawyer. This is not an easy feat. Any law firm would benefit from her experience, creativity, and unbridled passion for marketing.
Rachel Campbell
Marketing Director / The Grossman Law Firm