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What To Expect…

Catherine Crosbie

When you contact Proven Marketing for Professionals Inc., the first thing we’ll do is schedule a complimentary initial consultation. This is all about high-level fact-finding to see if there’s a fit. Our goal is for you to feel that this meeting was a good use of your time, whether there’s a fit or not.

If we decide to continue the conversation, we’ll review a proposal together. Most services come with a guarantee so you feel confident about moving forward. When you’re ready, we complete the paperwork and get started.

Proven Marketing for Professionals Inc. has three core services 1) Marketing Assets Assessment to get a higher return on marketing investment 2) Newsletter Marketing to convert leads, generate referrals, and get repeat business 3) Marketing Management for dedicated implementation support. We offer other services and recommend tools where appropriate. Here are some of these services and tools:

  • Marketing Assets Assessment
  • Key Messaging
  • Projects
  • Call Tracking
  • Newsletter Marketing
  • Marketing and Automation Software
  • Authority Marketing
  • Magazine Marketing
  • Community Marketing
  • VIP Loyalty Programs
  • Marketing Management

Interested? Excited? Unsure? Confused?

The best thing to do is contact Proven Marketing for Professionals Inc. to schedule a complimentary initial consultation. Email or call 902-453-1903. Someone will be in touch soon to schedule your initial meeting. We look forward to speaking with you!


Catherine is masterful at legal marketing. Don’t let her demure demeanor fool you! She is doing what great marketers do to stand out from the crowd – she is listening. She asks thoughtful questions and listens. Then she probes deeper to unveil true client needs and opportunities for differentiation. Next, she executes. She is a tactician and is keen to measure and report on results. Results are what matters, and Catherine delivers.
Eric Strautman
Marketing Director / Kanasas City Accident Injury Attorneys