Authority Marketing

Become A Leading Authority

100% Guaranteed

Is your professional practice doing “fine”? Are you hungry for more? Are you fed up with taking baby steps in the right direction?

Then it’s time to do something different. It’s time to do something proven, and it’s time to do something big.

It’s time to launch past competitors and become a leading AUTHORITY.

Authorities in their fields attract more business, attract better business, command respect, and don’t get me started on the special treatment… Authority

Authority makes prospects decide to hire you – before they’ve even met you.

It creates a reputation that precedes you, so that people who don’t even need your services know who you are and what you do.

Authority makes you the envy of your competitors because you’re the go-to professional.

The best way to instant authority status is becoming a published author.

Consider this: Almost every leading authority in almost every field has published at least one book.

A book gives automatic credibility. It gives celebrity status. It builds a reputation of expertise and authority in your field. But don’t take my word for it:

Book“Publishing a book makes it easier to crash through professional barriers.”Adam Witty, Founder & CEO, Forbes Books

“People will assign significant authority to you if you have a book and a media “ecosystem”.Dan Kennedy, Infamous Business and Marketing Strategist

“The most effective way to become an expert in your marketplace is to become a published author.”Nick Nanton, Emmy Award-Winning Director and Producer

Becoming a published author transforms your career and practice, and Proven Marketing for Professionals Inc. makes it EASY for you.

Proven Marketing for Professionals Inc. offers to make you a published author with your book available on Amazon – GUARANTEED.

Here’s what else you get:

  • A professionally-designed book authored by you that shares your unique personality, experiences, and advice Writing
  • A social media book launch to create a swarm of excitement
  • A ready-to-use marketing campaign to promote your book and practice

With the Authority Marketing Program, you get everything you need to establish instant authority and change the future of your practice forever.

Here’s what clients say:

“Out there is the perfect client for whom you are the perfect lawyer. And the voter for whom you are the perfect politician! How to turn them into raving fans? A provider of professional services can be hugely successful by appealing to a narrow market segment – riches in niches. But a political candidate must attract a large enough portion of the market – the voting electorate – to get elected. That perfect client or voter will follow the path to your feet when you are perceived to be the guru – the old man or woman on top of the mountain. And you create that perception by your book, booklet or report in your chosen field. I’ve done it and you can, too.” Ches Crosbie, Lawyer and Politician

I want to help you get from good to great…

If you want to soar into a new stage of professional practice – a stage where prospects are ready to hire you before they’ve met you, you’re considered a local celebrity, and competitors envy your image – call 902-453-1903 or email to apply for Authority Marketing today.

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I am so glad that I have had the opportunity to work with Catherine. Catherine has streamlined my marketing process so that I am able to focus on my customer service at my busy medical spa. She is able to take all of my ideas and implement them seamlessly. Before I found her, I felt like most of my marketing efforts were just treading water. Now that she has taken over, I feel like we took a profitable “dive” in! If Catherine says she is going to do something, it gets done. I plan to work with Proven Marketing for Professionals for many successful years to come.
Jennifer Washburn
Founder & President / Advanced Skin and Body Solutions