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Newsletter Marketing Is One Of The Best Things You Can Do For Your Practice

priorityThere are three components of marketing: Market, Message, and Media.

Market is who you’re targeting. Message is what you’re saying to your target market, and Media are the channels you use to communicate with your target market.

If you have Market and Message down pat, you need to decide which Media or channels of communication are most suitable to your target market, message, and goals.

Specific goals may require careful campaign planning and media selection. However, most professional practices in most situations can always benefit from one simple initiative: newsletter marketing.

Newsletter marketing is about consistently publishing content for people who want to receive it. Professional practices can send email newsletters, printed and mailed newsletters, or both. The outcome is new, referral, and repeat business.

Catherine’s Newsletter Story

Newsletter MarketingWhen Catherine was an in-house marketing director for a law firm, she almost dismissed newsletter marketing altogether. She and her employer assumed it wouldn’t work. Just to be sure, they decided to give it a fair shot and track their results with call tracking.

They focused on a printed and mailed newsletter and sent it every other month at first. To their surprise, clients would talk about it positively. Not to mention, they were getting a notable number of calls. Intake started going up.

That’s when Catherine and her employer started sending the newsletter every month. They optimized their content and made sure to include fun and useful information – not the boring industry news that you typically find in newsletters. Engagement continued to increase along with intake. It was working!

From this point on, the newsletter became their most valuable marketing asset. Over time, their firm became the go-to legal authority in the community. The newsletter consistently generated the greatest number of calls every month, which is no small feat because they did a lot of marketing and advertising!

Soon, they introduced a monthly e-newsletter in order to reach more people. Open rates and engagement rates were consistently high, proving that people were reading the e-newsletter and staying engaged. The newsletter was the firm’s community hub.

It’s clear to both Catherine and her former employer that newsletter marketing was key to the 94% growth of target intake they achieved in the three years that Catherine was Marketing Director. If they have one regret, it’s that they didn’t implement newsletter marketing sooner!

Newsletter Marketing Proves Itself Time And Again

The law firm where Catherine used to work isn’t the only professional practice that has had enormous success with newsletter marketing. In fact, we know dozens of other owners on a personal basis who say their newsletters are among their most valuable assets. They say this because they know it from their call tracking.

One of our very own newsletter clients started a firm with only two marketing assets: a website and printed and mailed newsletter. Within a couple of short years, this client had more than doubled their team and office space. They can hardly keep track of their ever-growing revenue!

Here are just some of the things our clients say about the Newsletter Program:

“An old client of mine called to say that she loves the newsletter and that she passes it along to anyone who needs a lawyer for the info. She said the recipes are THE BEST. She always tries them. Thank you so much!! I need not call her back. She just wanted to say hi!”Newsletter Client

“Catherine, I was just singing your praises and explaining how that first newsletter resulted in 3 new files for my firm…”Newsletter Client

“The newsletter is a hit so far… It’s already paid for itself (I think). I’m of the strong belief that it is directly responsible for the intake of 8 cases in a short period. Thanks for your ongoing help!”Newsletter Client

Not Your Ordinary Newsletters

mail box for newsletter marketingThere are a couple of caveats when we talk about newsletter marketing…

First, newsletters aren’t intended for just anyone – that would be spam. In general, they’re for your existing contacts, also known as the people who already know, like, and trust you. This is why they’re so good at generating new, referral, and repeat business!

Second, the biggest mistake you can make with newsletters is publishing boring content. If your content isn’t fun, interesting, or useful, no one will read it. That’s why the newsletters we create have recipes and other lifestyle content. Our clients are always getting great feedback.

Have You Heard Any Of These Objections?

“Newsletter marketing doesn’t work for me.”

If you tried newsletter marketing and decided it wasn’t working, I’m sorry to say you were doing it wrong. There could be all manner of reasons why it didn’t work: consistency, content quality, delivery issues… One thing is for sure: good newsletter marketing works. We’ve seen it time and again.

“It’s too much for me to manage.”

Sure, there are a couple of moving pieces with newsletter marketing – just like every other consistent campaign that actually works. At Proven Marketing for Professionals, we make email and print newsletters easy for clients. There is some set-up work at the outset and after that, it’s smooth sailing. All good things require a bit of work.

“I don’t want to bother people.”

Remember: we’re talking about communicating with your existing community – friends, colleagues, neighbours, and clients. These people want to hear from you! Further, you have to believe that your message has value and will positively impact your community. People always have the option to unsubscribe.

Other Reasons To Do Newsletter Marketing

The truth isWe’ve explained that the main purpose of newsletter marketing is to generate new, referral, and repeat business. Here are a few other reasons why newsletter marketing is one of the best things you can do for your practice…

  1. It’s one of the easiest ways to create consistent intake. Once you set up the system, it’s easy to maintain. Meanwhile, the longer it runs the more momentum it builds (and results it generates).
  2. Newsletter marketing is one of the most effective ways to create consistent intake. In general, newsletters go to people with whom you have a relationship – they’re ready to contact and refer to you when they need your service. This readiness gives you better results than the same effort and spending on people who don’t already know, like, and trust you.
  3. You have stronger client loyalty. With almost no work on your part, a newsletter puts you in regular contact with your community – even when you have no news specifically for them. Not only does this foster stronger loyalty, you have fewer client management hassles.
  4. It helps build your brand. Your brand is the complex network of emotions that you represent in the minds of others. A newsletter helps you develop that network with consistent communication, always leaving readers with a great impression.
  5. NOT doing a newsletter is money lost. Most professionals fail to leverage their most valuable asset – the relationships they’ve already created. Not maintaining your relationships is to ignore the highest return on investment that you can make in your practice’s future.

Schedule A Free Consultation

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The answers will depend on your practice and goals, so the best thing is to schedule a free consultation. During your free consultation, we’ll discover whether newsletter marketing is right for you and how best to proceed, including whether you’re a candidate for our Easy Newsletter Program.

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The newsletter is a hit so far. Nobody has called to cancel. It’s already paid for itself (I think). I’m of the strong belief that it is directly responsible for the intake of 8 cases in a short period. Thanks for your ongoing help!
Newsletter Client
Law Firm Owner in Canada