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A consistent and fun-to-read newsletter is one of the most valuable systems you can implement in your professional practice. Below you’ll discover the top five reasons to send newsletters to people who know, like, and trust you. You’ll also discover why professionals like you love my Easy Newsletter Program.


Top Five Reasons To Send Newsletters

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  1. You get more referrals and quality intake. Professionals agree that referrals are the best type of new business. A great newsletter keeps you top mind and turns clients or patients into raving fans. You get more inquiries and accept only the most profitable and gratifying business.
  2. You get more repeat clients and patients. Many people have no immediate need to revisit a professional practice until a life event thrusts them back into your world. Doing an interesting newsletter ensures that former clients and patients remember and come back to you.
  3. You have stronger client or patient loyalty. With almost no work on your part, a newsletter puts you in regular contact with those who already know, like, and trust you – even when you have no news specifically for them. Not only does this foster stronger loyalty, you have fewer client or patient management hassles
  4. It helps build your brand. Your brand is the complex network of emotions that you represent in the minds of others. A newsletter helps you develop that network with consistent communication, always leaving readers with a great impression.
  5. NOT doing a newsletter is money lost. Most professionals fail to leverage their most valuable asset – the relationships they’ve already created. Not maintaining your relationships is to ignore the highest return on investment that you can make in your practice’s future.


What Makes Our Newsletter Program Different…

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First, we offer both email and printed newsletter options. Doing an e-newsletter is a good way to start newsletter marketing because it’s less expensive. However, printed and mailed newsletters tend to generate a higher return on investment. In an ideal world, you’d do both. Either way, professionals who use our Newsletter Program earn back what they spend and much more in referrals.

Second, the truth is, most professional practice newsletters are boring. They use technical language and talk about industry developments that most people don’t care about. Our newsletters are fun-to-read because they contain human-interest material like recipes, quotes, and stories. Recipients look forward to opening and reading our newsletters.

Third, some professionals attempt to do their own newsletters, but those who use our Newsletter Program love how easy it is to send a quality product every time. All you have to do is provide one short article for each newsletter to give it a personal touch. Everything else is done-for-you including the content, design, printing, and mailing.


Learn More About Our Easy Newsletter Program

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It is more than refreshing to work with a young professional who has passion, the smarts and the desire to not only do the right thing, but do the right things you may never even have thought of! Being a business owner and having worked with many ‘marketing’ folks over the years I can easily say that you are on the right path working with Catherine Crosbie. I have known her personally for many years and have been lucky to gather insights and suggestions from her about my own marketing and ‘action plans’ She really is a rising star!
Brian Mittman
Managing Partner / The Disability Guys