My Easy Newsletter Program

How My Newsletter Program For Professionals Works

Newsletter Program

You write one short article (200-500 words about anything… A new pet, office birthday, family vacation, cool client or patient…) and I write the remaining human interest content including recipes, quotes, and other fun stuff. You can sit back and see what I come up with, or you can have input into each newsletter issue — whatever you prefer. My articles are tailored to you.

Then I design and format your newsletter before sending you a proof. You can either request changes or approve it. When it’s ready, I send it to the printer with your mailing list. Voila!

The end product is a tailor-made, four-colour newsletter printed on high-quality paper that gets into the offices, homes, and hands of the people who know, like, and trust you. The benefits of this nearly “done-for-you” program are yours to reap.

There’s a first-time set-up fee and fee for each newsletter issue. My trusted and reliable printer invoices you directly for printing and postage.

Often, if my Newsletter Program generates just one new client or patient, it covers the program fees for a whole year – and you’ll still be developing valuable assets like your list and brand. With minimal involvement from you, this program enables you to generate consistent referral and repeat business so you never have to worry about intake.

Newsletter Program Summary

  • You write one short article
  • I write the rest of newsletter content on human interest topics (with or without input from you, whatever you prefer)
  • I design and format your newsletter before sending you a proof
  • You either request changes or approve it (three revision cycles included)
  • When it’s ready, I send it to the printer with your mailing list (printing and mailing not included)

GuaranteeMy 100% GUARANTEE:

You do not have to sign a contract that locks you into a long-term service. You pay for one newsletter at a time only. While monthly is the gold standard, you can send newsletters bi-monthly, quarterly, or whenever works best for you. If for any reason you want to cancel your Newsletter Program, you can quit at any time without penalty, pressure, kicking, or screaming.


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I’ve already done the hard work of figuring out how to create a winning professional practice newsletter, and I can use it to help you build the practice and lifestyle that you desire. Email or call 902-453-1903 to schedule a Prospective Client Interview today. 


Catherine provides thoughtful, practical advice on marketing. She clearly has the expertize and applies it well to your individual marketing needs. I recommend taking advantage of the initial assessment she offers. You will benefit. I did. She has also been very helpful in conducting Webinars for OTLA which I greatly appreciated. Thank you Catherine!
Siona Sullivan
Owner / Sullivan Injury Law