Marketing Assets Assessment

If you want to grow your practice, but you’re not sure how to get better results, a Marketing Assets Assessment may be the best place to start. Basically, it shows you how to get a higher return on investment from your current marketing.

Here’s How It Works

  1. We discuss your goals. I have to know where you want to go before I can help you get there.
  2. You send me all of your marketing assets. These may include your website, Facebook Page, newsletters, radio commercials, brochures, television ads, Yellow Pages ads, reports — anything you use to market your practice.
  3. I review your assets and write a detailed report about what you’re doing well and where you can improve, providing examples and explanations along the way. I offer a clear set of “next steps” to generate better results and options for moving forward.
  4. We meet to review my recommendations, either in-person or via video conference. The purpose of this meeting is to ensure you completely understand how to get better results. Most often, clients describe their Marketing Assets Assessment as a “very helpful” experience.

What You Get

• A clear 5 to 7-page typed report about how to get better results from your current marketing (in other words, a marketing plan)
• An in-person explanation of my assessment and your questions answered
• The power to create multiple times your investment in additional revenue
• Options showing you how to move forward

My 100% Money-Back Guarantee


This is not about making your marketing “prettier” or selling you big-ticket services you don’t need – it’s about creating a marketing plan that works for you. I want to help you succeed, so I will always aim to understand your unique talents, challenges, and goals, and tailor my recommendations to you. After the Marketing Assets Assessment, if you feel I did not meet these expectations and that I did not show you how to get better results from your current marketing, I will fully refund your payment. We will part ways amicably and you will have incurred no financial loss.

What Clients Sayfive star review

We had the privilege of working with Catherine this past year when she completed a Marketing Asset Assessment for our law firm. Catherine is extremely knowledgeable and provides ideas and strategies that are easy to implement. She is always pleasant and is very responsive. We recommend Catherine to any law firm looking for assistance in enhancing their marketing initiatives.” – Shannon Leeper, Rastin & Associates

“Catherine provides thoughtful, practical advice on marketing. She clearly has the expertize and applies it well to your individual marketing needs. I recommend taking advantage of the initial assessment she offers. You will benefit. I did. She has also been very helpful in conducting Webinars for OTLA which I greatly appreciated. Thank you Catherine!” – Siona Sullivan, Sullivan Injury Law

Get In Touch

For more information, email or call 902-453-1903. We’ll schedule a time to chat over video conference or phone.

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I've know Catherine for years and recently had the opportunity to work with her on a couple of projects. She is a pleasure to work with, is timely, innovative and a reliable service provider. I highly recommend her.
Frank R. Tooton
Chartered Financial Consultant / Tooton Consulting Inc.