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How To Stand Out And Get People To Choose You

QuestionsProfessional practice is increasingly competitive. From law to finance to health and beyond, it’s getting harder all the time to attract the right clients and more of them.

Practice owners everywhere are grappling with the question, “how do I stand out and get the right people to choose me?”

The answer is fairly straight-forward, but probably not what you think. Let us explain…

The Three Components Of Marketing

Marketing has three components: Market, Message, and Media.

Market is who you’re targeting. Message is what you’re saying to your target market, and Media are the channels you use to communicate with your target market.

Understanding these components is one thing – implementing them is another. Here’s how many practice owners set up their marketing…

Is This You?

My Market is pretty easy – it’s the people who need my service. I can be more targeted by identifying a few obvious demographics. Good.

For Message, most of the providers in my industry use the same language. It’s safe. It must be proven. What else would I say, anyway?

As for Media, having a website is a no-brainer. Maybe a directory listing or some Google Ads would help, too.

Now that I think of it, most of my competitors are probably going after the same Market and we’re all using a similar Message! If I want to stand out in the marketplace and get people to choose me, I guess I have to buy more media. Right?


Buying More Advertising Is Not The Answer

Here’s the problem… When it comes to Market, Message, and Media, each component builds upon the one before it.

Without knowing the specific type of client you want to work with, and without having an in-depth understanding of this target market, you cannot create strong messaging that resonates.

Without strong messaging that resonates with your target market, your media resources are going to waste! At the very least, your return on investment could be higher.

Drill down on your target market and create Key MessagesDrill Down On Your Target Market And Hone Your Messaging

The truth is, if you want to stand out and get more quality clients, you have to go back to Market and Message.

After drilling down on your target market and honing your messaging, your existing media will be that much more effective.

Furthermore, if or when you create or buy more media to reach a bigger audience, this investment will be that much more productive.

Okay… But How?

So now you know to focus on the Market and Message – great.

But how much more specific must you be with your target market? And how do you create strong messaging that is authentic, unique, and professional?

It isn’t easy. If it were, practice owners everywhere wouldn’t be unsuccessfully grappling with the three components of marketing or wasting resources left right and centre.

At Proven Marketing for Professionals, we’ve been helping practice owners in Canada and the United States better target their markets and craft compelling messaging for over 5 years. Here’s what a few people say about us…

“I’ve worked with Catherine for several years…she is not only knowledgeable in crafting a compelling message and communicating it to the market, but she’s done it successfully over and over again.” –Kia Arian

“She asks thoughtful questions and listens. Then she probes deeper to unveil true client needs and opportunities for differentiation.” –Eric Strautman

“She excelled at both creating and marketing our message, often in a creative and unique way… Catherine is a keen observer, listener and collaborator…” –Robert Lundrigan

Key Messages To Help You Stand Out And Attract More Quality Clients

Proven Marketing for Professionals offers a project called Key Messages. Basically, we consult with you to zero in on your target market and write compelling Key Messages. Then we show you how to use them in your media.

Also known as Brand Messages, Key Messages are a collection of statements that authentically represent your business, attract your target market, and persuade prospective clients to contact you.

Once you implement them, you’ll easily stand out in the marketplace and start attracting more of the right clients – without wasting more money on advertising.

Types Of Key Messages

Here are a few types of Key Messages that we create for clients…

Key MessagesUnique Selling Proposition: This is a statement that shows how your business is unique in the marketplace. It is made stronger by indicating a leadership position and including a guarantee.

Guarantee: This is a formal promise or assurance that certain conditions will be fulfilled, which minimizes risk for consumers. Guarantees do not have to be based on results (in fact, the guarantees we write never are).

Ideal Client Statement: This is a concise and compelling statement about who you work with, what you do for them, how you do it, and the benefits you deliver. It helps the right prospects understand that they’ve found the perfect provider for them.

Mission Statement: This statement tells readers the formal aims and values of an organization. It shows the right prospects that you want to help them as part of a broader service to your community.

Core Values: These are the values that play the biggest roles in guiding your professional behaviour. They help prospects understand what to expect from you.

Brand Story: This is a narrative that makes your brand memorable to its target market. It usually involves overcoming an obstacle.

Offer: This is a persuasive reason why prospects should contact you.

Call-To-Action: You don’t want prospects to have any questions about the next step. A call-to-action tells prospects what to do next and how to do it.  

Don’t get mistaken for just another provider. Create Key Messages to communicate your brand’s unique qualities to the right people!

Are You Ready To…

  • Know what you want and how to get it?
  • Stand out amongst your competitors?
  • Sign up more clients?
  • Have more of the right clients?
  • Get a higher return on your overall marketing investment?

Schedule A Free Consultation About Key Messages

At Proven Marketing for Professionals, our mission is to provide marketing support to professionals through consulting, operations, and training so they may build their dream practices.

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Catherine is masterful at legal marketing. Don’t let her demure demeanor fool you! She is doing what great marketers do to stand out from the crowd – she is listening. She asks thoughtful questions and listens. Then she probes deeper to unveil true client needs and opportunities for differentiation. Next, she executes. She is a tactician and is keen to measure and report on results. Results are what matters, and Catherine delivers.
Eric Strautman
Marketing Director / Kanasas City Accident Injury Attorneys