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The One Big Thing That Generated 94% Intake Growth

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one big thing

Chris Mullins, aka The Phone Sales Doctor, has been helping professional practices worldwide convert more callers into clients for decades. During her Expert Interview Series, she talks to Catherine Crosbie about her experience as a law firm marketing director.

In this interview, Catherine reveals the “one big thing” that grew the target intake at her law firm by 94% in three years, and she explains it in five detailed points.

While this interview is about law firm marketing, it applies equally to practices in finance and health services.

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Ben Glass of Great Legal Marketing likes to say he values his newsletter a close second to his licence to practice law. Until Catherine Crosbie took over my newsletter years ago, I did it myself – and let's face it, newsletters are fun but not the best and highest use of a senior lawyer's time. Catherine makes the newsletter something people want to read, gets it out on time, and frees me to seek justice for clients and make more money. It keeps us top of mind for thousands of followers, ensures repeat and referral business, and keeps attracting our ideal client--a recipe for success, and Catherine Crosbie is the executive chef!
Ches Crosbie QC
Owner / Patient Injury Law