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The Smart Lawyer's Guide To Radio Advertising

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During this live event, Great Legal Marketing's Chief Marketing Officer Charley Mann interviewed me on how to make radio advertising work for law firms. This one-hour long call is packed with insight into how smart lawyers use radio to their advantage. It includes:

  • The story of how I first became hands-on with radio advertising
  • Important things to consider BEFORE you sign a contract for radio advertising (you don't want to end up with a deal that doesn't work for you)
  • Why it's a BAD idea to let the media representative from your station write your commercials
  • My four-part formula for high-performing radio commercials (it has never failed me!)
  • A full reading of one of the radio commercials I created for the law firm where I was the in-house marketing director
  • An amazing radio idea for anyone preparing to change their firm name or re-brand
  • Other useful tips about how to create effective radio ads

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