The Big Picture Guide

Professionals in private practice and beyond are loving Catherine Crosbie’s book The Big Picture Guide To Building Your Dream Practice. 

The Big Picture Guide is written for people who are small business owners of professional practices. These people are breadwinners for their families, serve as pillars of trust in our communities, and help form the backbone of our economies.

They also feel the impact of government taxation, get frustrated with their regulatory bodies, compete with big firms on a fraction of the marketing budget, and are preyed upon by people in marketing and advertising whose only interest is short-term gain.

Big Picutre Guide To Building Your Dream PracticeThe truth is, you’re an expert in your professional field, not a business or marketing expert. No one taught you how to run a business or get great clients or patients – and it’s not exactly a walk in the park.

It can be easier and it can be better. This book can help you make remarkable gains in your practice and design your life your way.

If your practice is running smoothly, performing well, and you have no real complaints – we’re glad to hear it. This book will give you ideas about how to take your practice from good to great.

If your practice isn’t what you want it to be, your income is less than ideal, or you accept too many headache-inducing clients or patients, this book can help you change that. It can help you not just survive, but thrive.

You have the power to transform your practice into something more enjoyable, gratifying, and profitable. We invite you to discover how…

Download the first three chapters of The Big Picture Guide today:

"This is an amazing book that is packed full of very specific advice on how to grow any practice or small business. Every business owner needs to know "The Big Picture" and Catherine Crosbie makes it very clear while providing excellent steps for achieving solid, dependable business growth. I highly recommend this gem of a business book." --Mary Jane Copps a.k.a. The Phone Lady

"Well written book, Catherine is a professional and it translate well in her book. I really enjoyed it, especially that I so happen to read it while I was opening my new business. Lots of good tips." --Nadia LaCroix, Acupuncturist 

"Catherine updates the marketing playbook for professionals looking for new business. Her ability to both execute and train others provides is evident in the 10x ROI she provides. I found it helpful to read her book prior to meeting and she was able to clarify and translate those principals in-person. The free newsletter is worth signing up for." --Mark Hobbs, Founder & CEO of Fundmetric

"I cannot improve on this opus." --Ches Crosbie, owner of Patient Injury Law