What People Say


An old client of mine called to say that she loves the newsletter and that she passes it along to anyone who needs a lawyer for the info. She said the recipes are THE BEST. She always tries them. Thank you so much!! I need not call her back. She just wanted to say hi!
Newsletter Client
I am so glad that I have had the opportunity to work with Catherine. Catherine has streamlined my marketing process so that I am able to focus on my customer service at my busy medical spa. She is able to take all of my ideas and implement them seamlessly. Before I found her, I felt like most of my marketing efforts were just treading water. Now that she has taken over, I feel like we took a profitable “dive” in! If Catherine says she is going to do something, it gets done. I plan to work with Proven Marketing for Professionals for many successful years to come.
Jennifer Washburn
Founder & President / Advanced Skin and Body Solutions
Anything Catherine does is first class and awesome! She is a force.
Charles E. Boyk
Charles E. Boyk Law Offices, LLC
Catherine, I was just singing your praises and explaining how that first newsletter resulted in 3 new files for my firm...
Weston Powell
Owner / Powell Litigation
Catherine was very helpful with her suggestions on how to optimize my marketing approach, on both social media and in more traditional formats. I will be adapting her recommendations.
David Gauthier
Owner / Gauthier & Associates
I've know Catherine for years and recently had the opportunity to work with her on a couple of projects. She is a pleasure to work with, is timely, innovative and a reliable service provider. I highly recommend her.
Frank R. Tooton
Chartered Financial Consultant / Tooton Consulting Inc.
I have had the privilege to work with Catherine for the last two years and in an environment that was unlike any work that she been engaged in previously. To my delight, although not surprisingly, she not only adapted quickly to this new experience but excelled at both creating and marketing our message, often in a creative and unique way. Our whole team began to look to Catherine as the “go to” expert for our messaging and marketing strategy. Catherine is a keen observer, listener and collaborator with the ability to use these and other valuable tools to push and extend boundaries. I have been 100% satisfied with both her professional engagement and results and for that reason, I highly recommend Catherine as an essential asset for your business development.
Robert Lundrigan
Political Campaign Manager
Catherine provides thoughtful, practical advice on marketing. She clearly has the expertize and applies it well to your individual marketing needs. I recommend taking advantage of the initial assessment she offers. You will benefit. I did. She has also been very helpful in conducting Webinars for OTLA which I greatly appreciated. Thank you Catherine!
Siona Sullivan
Owner / Sullivan Injury Law
I sold a personal injury practice along with marketing assets which included my name, but I was not ready to retire. The new owner did not wish to pursue the medical malpractice sub-specialty, but I did. Therefore I needed to re-position and rebrand consistent with the sale agreement and my marketing goals. Catherine took the rebranding strategy along with the detail stuff off my plate, so I could focus on the highest and best use of my time. She worked with my assistant to create an intake system, a new website with new content, social media, a targeted newsletter to my 6500 name list... you get the idea. Stuff that great lawyers should not have to do, because they are better off being great lawyers. Catherine is your reinvention one stop shop!
Ches Crosbie QC
Owner / Patient Injury Law
Catherine is fantastic. She knows what works, and what doesn't for lawyers. She's not for you if you want the sensational "over the top" TV commercial, but if you want material that will bring you quality clients, you can't go wrong.
Walter Reaves
Owner / Law Office of Walter M. Reaves Jr, P.C.
Catherine has done a wonderful job helping my law firm successfully get off the ground with a practical, tailored marketing strategy. Highly recommended.
Mike Dull
Owner / Valent Legal
Catherine is a gift to all Canadian lawyers who believe they're more than just lawyers, but are entrepreneurs and business people who can make a difference in people's lives. Without smart marketing, this message gets lost and they become just one more lawyer in the sea of lawyers. I've worked with Catherine for several years...she is not only knowledgeable in crafting a compelling message and communicating it to the market, but she's done it successfully over and over again. Catherine teaches proven marketing because she's done it and knows what works and what doesn't. Consider yourself lucky to work with her.
Kia Arian
Owner / Zine Graphics & Print
Catherine has provided excellent advice about yellow page advertising, location and branding. This advice has been a great help in making the transition from a partnership to a solo practice.
Geoff Aylward QC
Owner / AylwardLaw.ca
We are a small personal injury law firm that recently faced the challenge of a name change and rebranding. Catherine Crosbie is our marketing consultant, and she managed our entire rebranding project. She planned and coordinated every aspect of the marketing assignment, including ensuring that all deadlines were met. She is extremely organized, efficient and detail-oriented. Most importantly, Catherine listened to our ideas, applied her expertise and knowledge in legal marketing, and delivered exactly what we envisioned. She is a true professional. We could not be happier with the result.
Darlene Russell, QC
Owner / Russell Accident Law
The newsletter is a hit so far. Nobody has called to cancel. It’s already paid for itself (I think). I’m of the strong belief that it is directly responsible for the intake of 8 cases in a short period. Thanks for your ongoing help!
Newsletter Client
Law Firm Owner in Canada
It is more than refreshing to work with a young professional who has passion, the smarts and the desire to not only do the right thing, but do the right things you may never even have thought of! Being a business owner and having worked with many ‘marketing’ folks over the years I can easily say that you are on the right path working with Catherine Crosbie. I have known her personally for many years and have been lucky to gather insights and suggestions from her about my own marketing and ‘action plans’ She really is a rising star!
Brian Mittman
Managing Partner / The Disability Guys
I am a personal injury lawyer in Philadelphia and I participate in a national lawyer marketing group of which Catherine Crosbie is also a member. She and I have participated in this group for several years. I have seen Catherine’s marketing programs and her contributions to the law firm by whom she is employed and have been extremely impressed. She has shared some of these with the marketing group as part of her presentations to the group. I have been so impressed that I have utilized many of her ideas in my own marketing campaigns. I am sure she would contribute greatly to any professional office marketing position or program.
Stuart A. Carpey
Owner / Carpey Law
I have been in a legal marketing group with Catherine now for more than 5 years. My experience with her is that she is smart, dedicated and very knowledgeable about legal marketing. She is always learning about the latest and best ways to market a law firm. If you are considering hiring someone to assist with your marketing, then I highly recommend Catherine.
Corey Walker
Partner / Walker, Billingsley & Bair
Catherine Crosbie is a marketing professional of amazing character and resource. She is creative, thoughtful, and well organized in approaching any marketing situation. Her skills are evident in the follow through she provides to clients and customers containing that personal touch that keeps people feeling like they are valued in their relationship with the lawyer. This is not an easy feat. Any law firm would benefit from her experience, creativity, and unbridled passion for marketing.
Rachel Campbell
Marketing Director / The Grossman Law Firm
Catherine is masterful at legal marketing. Don’t let her demure demeanor fool you! She is doing what great marketers do to stand out from the crowd – she is listening. She asks thoughtful questions and listens. Then she probes deeper to unveil true client needs and opportunities for differentiation. Next, she executes. She is a tactician and is keen to measure and report on results. Results are what matters, and Catherine delivers.
Eric Strautman
Marketing Director / Kanasas City Accident Injury Attorneys
Catherine is extremely talented in the design and development of an effective marketing strategy for your practice. Perhaps most importantly with Catherine on board you will have someone that knows how to execute on your plan. Any lawyer or for that matter any professional practice will see success with Catherine in charge of their marketing.
Vaughan De Kirby
Owner / Law Offices of Vaughan De Kirby
As someone who is responsible for writing a law firm newsletter, I always turn to Catherine’s publications for great ideas. Her newsletters are not only relevant and informative, they are also heartfelt and genuine. I love the way they incorporate their lives outside of the office; it really gives the reader a sense of who they are dealing with. Catherine is an amazing author, produces awesome newsletters and press releases, and is an all-around great person who is highly organized and insightful. She will do wonders for any firm and I am proud to say I have used her guidance.
Anneke Godlewski
Director of Marketing & Communications / Charles E. Boyk Law Offices, LLC
As the managing member of a small but national New York based law firm, I have had the opportunity to work with numerous professionals, advisors and consultants regarding law firm business development and marketing. Over the past number of years I have had the opportunity to directly work with Catherine Crosbie, participate in private conferences and events where our firm gained insights into the direct response client development strategies, programs and organic efforts that Catherine developed and utilized in building Ches Crosbie Barristers and, in many instances, adapt these strategies for our own law firm. For those interested in building a successful law firm practice that they are proud of - one that is honest and genuine in the commitment and promises that they make to their valued clients and one that is focused on building enduring long-term client relations - Catherine Crosbie and the consulting services that she offers represent the very best in the legal industry and a rare opportunity if you get to work with her.
Charles N. Internicola
Owner / The Internicola Law Firm, PC
I have been a part of a marketing group of lawyers with Catherine for several years She is extremely well versed and experienced with marketing tactics and strategies that actually get cases in the door. Many ‘marketers’ for lawyers believe in simply buying a larger ad to try to increase case intakes. Catherine knows how to create lasting value and is an ongoing asset of the firm. She understands what works and how to implement it.
Tim Young
Managing Partner / The Young Firm
Catherine Crosbie is one of the sharpest young minds in the lawyer marketing world. She is capable of both delivering new clients to a law practice by improving their marketing while also showing them how to build a long-term brand in their community. If I were a practicing lawyer in Canada, I would absolutely hire Catherine to work on or run my marketing.
Charley Mann
Chief Marketing Officer / Great Legal Marketing
I watched Catherine help grow Ches Crosbie Barristers through spectacular and highly effective marketing. She’s been an excellent contributor to my organization’s MasterMind group and is at the forefront of direct marketing for lawyers in Canada.
Ben Glass
Owner / Ben Glass Law and Founder of Great Legal Marketing
Ben Glass of Great Legal Marketing likes to say he values his newsletter a close second to his licence to practice law. Until Catherine Crosbie took over my newsletter years ago, I did it myself – and let's face it, newsletters are fun but not the best and highest use of a senior lawyer's time. Catherine makes the newsletter something people want to read, gets it out on time, and frees me to seek justice for clients and make more money. It keeps us top of mind for thousands of followers, ensures repeat and referral business, and keeps attracting our ideal client--a recipe for success, and Catherine Crosbie is the executive chef!
Ches Crosbie QC
Owner / Patient Injury Law